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Meanings are not determined by situations, but we determine ourselves by the meanings we give to situations. -- Alfred Adler

Referral Information & Fees

To discuss therapy, assessment, or consultation, please contact Dr. King directly. A referral from a medical or other professional is not required. All communication is kept strictly confidential, although it should be kept in mind that internet-based communications cannot be guaranteed to be secure or private.

Inquiries and referrals from physicians, allied and mental health professionals, educational facilities, as well as lawyers and insurance agencies are welcome.

Fees are well within the rate structure set by the B.C. Psychological Association and are discussed beforehand.

Psychology fees are not covered by the Medical Services Plan, but often are covered by extended health plans or employee assistance plans. Please check with your employer to determine the nature and scope of any coverage you may have. Fees in certain circumstances may also be income tax deductible.

Unless other arrangements are made, clients pay at the time of service delivery and are responsible for claiming repayment from their insurance plan. Currently Dr. King accepts CASH, CHEQUE or PAYPAL and provides you with a formal receipt upon payment of fees. Generally insurance carriers require this receipt before they reimburse your fees.


Dr. King will not give information to anyone or acknowledge that you are receiving therapy with him without your written permission, which would outline the nature of the information to be released, whom the information is to be released to, and for what period of time the release is valid. Under certain circumstances, however, Dr. King is required by law to take immediate action and report the concern to the appropriate authorities. Namely, if

  1. you reveal information that indicates a clear and immediate danger of injury to yourself or others;
  2. you disclose that a child or vulnerable adult needs protection or has been, or is likely to be, neglected, physically harmed, sexually abused, sexually exploited, or abused in any other form by you or another person;
  3. your condition or current functioning makes it dangerous for you to drive, or if you are driving after being warned of having a medical condition that makes it dangerous for you to operate a motor vehicle;
  4. a subpoena is issued to me by the Court, I am compelled by law to release all information obtained during contact with me.